“Lani supported me through a challenging time both, health-wise and emotionally. Each and every session, Lani listens, identifies deficiencies, and provides treatment specific to what I need. Lani is highly attuned to what is happening in my body, and what requires support. At times, I cannot believe her skill and intuitive ability to identify what is happening in my body. But it does not stop there, Lani’s comprehensive approach supports emotional health. She is a caring and compassionate practitioner
whose dedication and commitment to well-being is paramount. Honestly, I cannot say enough wonderful things about her!” ~ Z.O.

“I have been getting acupuncture from Lani on and off for 2 years for neck and shoulder pain, stress, sleep disorders and PMS. Lani never fails to ground me and bring me back into my body. I feel so much lighter after a treatment from her, and my chronic neck and shoulder pain is greatly alleviated. Lani is a gentle, compassionate healer and a great listener.” ~ M.R.

“I was skeptical about acupuncture, but my PT suggested I seek out treatment following a slipped disc injury. Lani Wong was extremely professional and helped me immensely. She not only used acupuncture with a very gentle bedside manner (I hate needles), but introduced me to cupping and gua sha. I feel so much better following my treatment and have recommended Lani to other people.” ~ D.F.

“Lani is fantastic! I have and will continue to recommend her to anyone in the Boston/Cambridge area looking for an acupuncturist. Lani is a kind, caring soul and gifted at what she does. I only utilized her skills with acupuncture, which displayed tremendous knowledge, genuine concern for patients, and joy in healing others. Although I was initially very skeptical, Lani was patient with my questions and I never felt rushed during any of my sessions. With patience and consistency, Lani helped my chronic migraines and has made me a believer in the benefits of acupuncture.” ~ B.K.

“Lani is great! I was brand new to acupuncture. She explained everything and answered all of my questions. I’ve gone back 4 times in the last month. I would highly recommend her.” ~ M.M.

“Lani is an amazing healer with not only the training but with an amazing sense of intuition.” ~ M.P.

“Lani is the best! She is calm, caring, knowledgeable and committed to understanding your issues and treating them. I look forward to my weekly appointments with her. Her studio space is clean, relaxing and in a great, convenient location. She also has some of the best rates compared to other providers I’ve looked into and yet her service is second to none. Thanks, Lani!” ~ C.A.

“I’ve seen Lani since December of last year for a host of medical issues (GERD, fibromyalgia, and possible adrenal fatigue, just to name a few), and I highly recommend her if you’re looking for acupuncturists. And even if you don’t believe in acupuncture, I still recommend consider giving it a try. She’s friendly, caring, professional, knowledgeable, and easy to talk to. Some doctors that I’ve talked to concerning issues like adrenal fatigue and leaky gut syndrome, simply don’t know much about it or don’t believe them, since those are not listed as medical conditions, but those conditions are extremely debilitating and can take a toll in your quality of life. For those issues, it’s best to consider holistic options like acupuncture and herbs, along with working with your PCP. I’ve seen plenty of specialists, but I will say that Lani is my favorite one and I wish more people were like her. Plus the office is very comfortable.” ~ F.V.

“Lani is AWESOME! Many acupuncturists have a very straightforward protocol, but Lani definitely takes a wholistic, intuitive approach with both needle placements and treatments—from herbal Tibetan foot soaks to Reiki—if that’s what the patient requires! I can’t recommend her enough!” ~ M.H.